Revitalization of the castle hilltop includes riding hall, carriage house, horse stalls and stables as well as modifications of the upper courtyard and park. Conceptual thinking is used to unify a group of various buildings at the hilltop.. Their design stems from the idea of a kind of rooms defining the individual buildings on the castle hilltop.

The main motif of the riding hall is an inserted movable structure made up of a movable front and a fixed body. The main body houses dressing rooms for the performers (spectators use cloak rooms in the brewery, which is connected to the riding hall), space for technicians and sanitary facilities. While the main body is fixed, the front — stage — can move along rails in the floor and may reduce or enlarge the hall capacity as needed, or divide it (as if it was a large room divider) in the event of exhibitions. Thanks to the stage movement and movability of sounding boards under the ceilings that can be adjusted to bounce, absorb and disperse the sound, ideal acoustic conditions can be achieved at any time; the reconstruction, the reverberation time in the riding hall was endless four seconds and therefore people could not hear in as little as a three-meter distance.